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40 Hour Pre-Basic Course

The Southport Police Department will be conducting a Pre-Basic course starting Tuesday August 23rd, 2022. The following are the current dates and times scheduled.


8/22/2022 6p-10p

8/23/2022 6p-10p

8/25/2022 6p-10p

8/27/2022 9a-5p

8/29/2022 6p-10p

8/30/2022 6p-10p

9/01/2022 6p-10p

9/03/2022 9a-5p

As of February 1, 2021 the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy now requires all attendees of a pre-basic class to have an active Public Safety Identification Number and be listed as a current sworn employee in that departments Acadis account. Due to these changes the following application must be completed and submitted by the deadline above for attendance in the current class.


Upon successful enrollment and confirmation in the course, a list of required materials as well as any updated information will be forwarded to those attending. The current pricing for outside agencies is $350.00 and is payable via cash or check to the Southport Police Department. Payments can be dropped off in person Monday-Friday 9:00am-4:00pm at the front desk of the Southport Municipal Complex located at 137 Worman Street Southport, IN 46227. Payments can also be mailed to the same address attn: Southport Police Department.

Please see the below information from the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy reference the definition and explanation of the pre-basic course.

“Pre-basic” is a forty (40) hour class designed to comply with I.C. §5-2-1-9(f), and serves two (2) primary functions in law enforcement:

1. Successful completion permits new police hire to be paid to enforce Indiana criminal law for a one-year period after the date of hire. I.C. §5-2-1-9(e). This allows the new police hire to engage in law enforcement activities pending completion of Tier I or Tier II basic training at ILEA (or one of the satellite academies). Completion of basic training extends the law enforcement officer’s ability to enforce criminal laws indefinitely, subject to compliance with the annual in-service training requirements. I.C. §5-2-1-9(g).

2. Successful completion of pre-basic is necessary for a reserve officer, appointed under I.C. §36-8-3-20, to engage in law enforcement activities. There is no requirement that a reserve officer attend Tier I or Tier II basic training at ILEA (or one of the satellite academies), but reserves are required to undergo additional training as designated by the chief executive officer of the department. 250 IAC 2-9-1(b). Further, reserve officers must also comply with the annual in-service training requirements. I.C. §5-2-1-9(g). Anyone with any other questions about the course or future opportunities to train with the Southport Police Department, please email:

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